Comet Press are braver than you

4 04 2011

When I read Scarla last year I described it as “a rich social commentary wrapped inside a blood-drenched sodomising cock,” now that’s a pretty colourful, bold and potentially offensive claim. It’s also extremely apt. Scarla is both beautiful and repugnant at the same time.

I went on to conclude, “BC Furtney has once again created something unforgettable, or should that be unforgiveable?”

Comet Press have snapped up BC Furtney’s part horror / part erotica novella. Whilst details of the release are yet to be confirmed this is a brave and brilliant step forward for the man responsible for last year’s intelligent film New Terminal Hotel. For more details on that one check out the New Terminal Hotel review. I warn you, it’s not for everybody.

For a full review of Scarla and interview with BC Furtney, pick yourself up a copy of Scream Issue 5 in May. For a shorter more concise review keep your eyes peeled. It won’t be pleasant reading.

Final thought: If you are a comic artist BC is on the lookout for somebody brave enough to illustrate a graphic novel version of Scarla for a future project. If you’re interested get in touch with examples of your work and I’ll pass your details onto BC. The usual e-mail address applies:




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