Welcome to Read Horror

4 04 2011

I’ve always loved horror and literature; for me the marriage is a perfect combination. Since I was very young I’ve been incredibly frustrated at the lack of mainstream magazines covering horror fiction. Whilst there are relatively few horror publications out there that make their way into newsagents like WHSmiths, those that do plaster their pages with film features and save very little space for literature.

Last year I tried to readdress the balance when I started up a Literature section for Scream Magazine. A magazine that promises a very exciting future for horror journalism, echoing back to horror rags from a distant past. The Literature section is going extremely well at the moment. The fourth issue has just launched featuring a review of David Moody’s Hater and Shaun Jeffrey’s Deadfall. The issue following that features BC Furtney, Jonathan Oliver, Wayne Simmons and more. Whilst all of this is great the balance still needs to be readdressed. Hence Read Horror, a website that will compliment the literature section in Scream.

Whilst I’m mentioning Scream I’d also like to nod towards the likes of Black Static and Murky Depths. Both of these excellent magazines showcase a host of top quality, well thought out horror and fantasy fiction respectively.

Thank you to Shaun Watson for designing the logo for Read Horror and to the authors that have already put themselves forwards for Meet The Writer. Meet The Writer serves as a fun introductory insight into upcoming and well established horror authors. With that said please make your way over to Meet The Writer for the first three writers; Shaun Jeffrey, Gary McMahon and Kim Paffenroth.

Read Horror is for fans of horror literature – if there is anything you want covered here that is not covered get in touch. Similarly if you want me to feature you in Meet The Writer please message me. This goes for fans who want to contribute and anybody else who wants to come on board the Read Horror journey. Any query/comment/abuse e-mail Michael@TrepidNation.com

I hope you enjoy the website and stay to watch it grow into something rather special.

Finally for those wondering what the main image is it’s the cover to a fantastic collection of horror stories in and around the Underground. I suggest you buy this right away.





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