Shaun Jeffrey on Serial Killers

5 04 2011

Our first subject specific interview sees Shaun Jeffrey speaking about serial killers. Sit back and enjoy this intimate discussion with Shaun Jeffrey.

Having written a serial killer novel so successful, in the shape of The Kult, that it’s been optioned for a film and with a follow up in progress, Shaun Jeffrey is becoming somewhat of an authority on serial killers in fiction. It was for this reason that I thought it was high time I caught up with Jeffrey to speak exclusively about serial killing.

Jeffrey is quick to cite the likes of Ed Gein, Son of Sam and Jeffrey Dahmer as the initial attraction to writing about serial killers, in essence he points out that we’re dealing with, “average, attractive, successful people with one thing in common. They kill for the sake of killing. Love them (and believe me, some people do) or hate them, serial killers hold a deep fascination. They have embraced their dark side. Of course not all serial killers are the same, but they seem to have scant regard for human life. Their only aim is to kill and to keep killing. These people are not make-believe beings. They are not vampires or zombies. These are real people. People that blend into society like chameleons. Your friends. Your neighbours.” Musing on his attraction further, “I think that’s what attracted me to writing about them. To all intents and purposes, they are people like you or I, people we could know, except they don’t function within people’s accepted boundaries. They don’t abide by the rules. And to me, that makes them the ultimate monsters.”

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