Meet The Writer: Stephen Volk

12 04 2011

What first attracted you to horror writing?

The first thing was probably the magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland with its startling covers and terrible pun-laden prose by Forrest Ackermann, which I used to buy at my local newsagent in South Wales when I was about eleven. I can still remember the stills (and the puns) in that mag. I probably graduated to it from Marvel Classic comics based on famous horror novels like Frankenstein or Moby Dick. Then it was the attraction of those Karloff black and white stills long, long before seeing the actual Karloff film.  The allure of forbidden fruit. I think the attraction to Horror was to something larger than life, more imaginative and wild and exciting, not the “kitchen sink” of realism like you saw on TV at the time.  As I grew older I became more interested in the supernatural and the psychological aspects of the paranormal as I read more around the subject.  Nowadays, I must say, I’m not especially interested in purely horrifying or repulsing or grossing-out the reader or viewer, as such, but I love to create an atmosphere of the uncanny, the off-kilter, the disturbing. It’s a way, to me, of questioning reality and questioning the quick answers we are given about life all through our lives.

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