Meet The Writer: Craig DiLouie

18 04 2011

What first attracted you to horror writing?

I found my home in horror through my fascination with stories about the end of the world. I’ve read stories about meteors, environmental collapse, triffids, mass blindness, the world slowly dissolving, nanotech, flood and nuclear war. Traditionally, these stories could be found in the science fiction section—Lucifer’s Hammer, for example.

The most exciting instrument of apocalypse for me, however, has always been zombies. And when I say zombies, I define it fairly broadly as ordinary people turned into mindlessly violent things, not necessarily the undead. Hater, Crazies, 28 Days Later, Pontypool—to me, they’re all zombie stories. Zombies are exciting because you have the combination of survival horror involving people who were once your friends, family, neighbours, coupled with the end of the world, which adds a sense of enormous stakes. A story about zombies set on a cruise ship, while the rest of the world goes on as normal—not that interesting to me. Set it on a cruise ship while the survivors learn that it’s happening everywhere, the world is ending—that interests me.

The addition of zombies puts this type of apocalyptic story in the horror category. Unfortunately, for most of my adult years, the horror section was almost exclusively the province of a few select authors like Stephen King and Dean Koontz in addition to almost every type of vampire story imaginable. I honestly used to think it would be impossible to break in as a writer.

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