Meet The Writer: Remy Porter

13 05 2011

What first attracted you to horror writing?

I think my inspiration to write a zombie novel started at around nine years old when an older lad, who lived next door, invited me over to watch Dawn of the Dead, and Zombie Flesh Eaters. I remember really enjoying them as they were very exciting and scary horror films. In my teens it was my mission to rent every horror film I could lay my hands on. I’ve always liked the end of the world/fight for survival storylines in those (Romero esque) types of films, although in my twenties it was rare to find a zombie film that was any good. A couple of years before I started Dead Beat I discovered zombie novels, and that ignited my interest again. I loved David Moody’s Autumn novels and Len Barnhart’s Reign… series. I read the original self-published Rise and Walk by Gregory Solis and Domain of the Dead by Iain McKinnon; and I think it was that novel that inspired me to have a go myself. I have since become friends with Iain, and he has given me a great deal of support and advice. He also wrote and produced a rather fine trailer for Dead Beat.

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