Meet The Writer: Scott Baker

19 08 2011

What first attracted you to horror writing?

I’ve loved horror as far back as I can remember. When I was about six our local television station was going to have a late night showing of King Kong and had advertised it for weeks. If the snippets shown during the day were any indication of how awesome this movie would be then I was determined to see it. The night of the movie I snuck into the family room, while my folks were in the kitchen making coffee, and hid under the TV tray. Granted, it wasn’t the best hiding place (and reaching up to steal cookies from my mother’s plate wasn’t the most covert thing I’ve done). Rather than punish me, and send me to bed, my folks let me watch the movie with them. It scared the hell out of me. For weeks afterwards I couldn’t look at my bedroom window at night for fear Kong would be staring back at me. But I was hooked and from that moment on I was a Monster Kid.

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