And then I saw her face…

15 09 2011

One dead body, a lunatic and ghostly spirit in Our Lady of the Shadows by Tony Richards. See synopsis below:

In any other city in the world, the discovery of Mary-Jane Palmer’s body floating in the river would have been sad, and disquieting, that was all. A four-line filler on the inside pages of the daily newspapers. A minor tragedy passed over like a dead bird in the road. But this was Paris, the river was the Seine, and because of that the proceedings were tinted with a vague gothic suggestion of romance. A small crowd gathered – middle-aged businessmen in their sleek, well-filled suits; art students and booksellers; a few tourists; a few old women with faces wrinkled like contour maps. The gendarmerie arrived and kept their siren going long after it was necessary, as though to add to the occasion. They walked around the body and gazed at it through squinted eyes. 

L’amour, they muttered.
Until they turned her over.
And saw her face…

What is a ghost? Merely a disembodied spirit? You’ll find plenty of those here, but there are other kinds as well. An entity created by a child’s imagination. A mysterious pale figure on a bleak, deserted moor. A madman who is not dead yet but…





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16 09 2011

Great post – will definitely look this up.

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