It’s raining dogs

14 10 2011

Here is some great news for Gary McMahon fans and horror collectors alike, in the wake of the imminent release of his sold out collection It Knows Where You Live on Gray Friar Press, McMahon has announced that he is to re-release his debut novel Rain Dogs.

Originally published by the now sadly defunct Humdrumming Press in 2008, Rain Dogs garnered positive reviews and recognition despite a limited release.

Thankfully McMahon has teamed up with Andy Remic’s Anarchy Books to release a slightly re-edited and updated version of the book in ebook format on Saturday 15th October.

Gary McMahon said, “Rain Dogs was the first novel I ever had published. This new, slightly revised version, sees the story presented in my ‘author’s favoured version’, with some minor edits and the original final chapter reinstated.”

The book follows the story of ex-con Gary Renfield and Rosie, a woman returning home from America for the first time in years. Played out against a background of growing malevolence and an endless downpour Rain Dogs builds to an inevitable climax for two people confronting evil in their lives.

Described as “a scary urban fantasy” in the mould of Stephen King’s The Mist, Rain Dogs could be the perfect reading for your weekend. Let’s just hope the weather stays dry…





One response

15 10 2011
Emma Audsley

Looking forward to this one!

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