You can’t exorcise a good book

20 10 2011

Cemetery Dance Publications have just announced the mother of all horror books! Currently available for pre-order is the fortieth anniversary edition of William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist, for the first time in a revised, limited edition print.

Forty years after the release of one of the ultimate classics of the genre, Blatty has returned to the original manuscript to rewrite and update the parts that he was never happy with. Due to deadlines and time constraints Blatty didn’t get to redraft his work to a state that he was completely happy with. Now decades, and millions of sales later, he will return to his most famous work and make it more terrifying than ever before.

The limited edition prints are all available in oversize hardback with slipcover and author signature making it the ultimate trophy for horror book collectors.

Prices start at $100 and are available to pre-order The Exorcist at Cemetery Dance Publications now.





One response

7 11 2011
Will E.

Definitely a horror must-read, even though it could be argued it’s not really a horror novel… but so well-written, which I was not expecting.

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