Dark Regions’ Halloween Treats

21 10 2011

As the month of October draws to a close, it appears Dark Regions Press are gearing up for Halloween and producing a whole host of reading material to keep us entertained in keeping with the season.

Firstly they have announced Predatory Instinct author Michael McBride’s new tome Blindspot. Read Horror got in touch with Michael McBride to learn more, “Blindspot is essentially a mystery at heart. A nuclear device has been detonated to cover up a secret project that got out of hand and the only witnesses are already dead. If only there were a way to interrogate a corpse…”

Blindspot is available for pre-order now from Dark Regions Press and is expected to be published in December.

In addition to McBride’s new book, Dark Regions have also announced extremely limited edition versions of The Watching by Paul Melniczek and Lullaby for the Rain Girl by Christopher Conlon. Both are available in a special leather bound case and signed by the author in addition to trade paperback.

The Watching is the story of a small girl who witnesses something horrific that gradually begins to take over her life. Described as being reminiscent of a classic Twentieth Century tale, The Watching blurs the lines of dreams and reality to create something truly terrifying.

The Watching is available from 25 October 2011.

Lullaby for the Rain Girl follows teacher Ben Fall, a tormented school teacher who becomes intrigued by a new pupil in class, “the Rain Girl”. He becomes determined to find out more about her life with heart breaking and horrific consequences.

Lullaby for the Rain Girl is available now from Dark Regions Press.





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