Undead invade Leicester

3 11 2011

A few weeks ago a few of the Read Horror writers headed over to Leicester for the filming of Unbound Video Edition 2 with zombie specialists David Moody, Wayne Simmons and Jasper Bark. This part book signing, part filming day attracted a loyal group of fans from around the country to take part in the filming. Our own editor even found himself with a small cameo in this tongue-in-cheek zombie short.

All of the authors were in good spirits with Jasper Bark proving once again that he is as much a flamboyant performer as he is an artist. Without spoiling too much for viewers, David Moody was certainly the brains of the outfit and Wayne proved to be a dab hand with a baseball bat!

Whilst we await the final results of the short film, director Vincent Holland-Keen has released a trailer preview of the shenanigans.

In the meantime, do consider buying books by the starring authors to really get you in the mood. Below are links to reviews of each of the authors.

Hater – David Moody

Drop Dead Gorgeous – Wayne Simmons

Way of the Barefoot Zombie – Jasper Bark

And if you’re after something completely different, you could do far worse than check out Jasper Bark’s audio offering Dead Air.

Finally, Read Horror would like to give a special shout out to Jenny Jackson for her special effects make-up and Adele Wearing, of Unbound, for organising the day. Let’s keep horror alive…or should that be undead?


Buy David Moody Books (Amazon UK)
Buy David Moody Books (Amazon US)

Buy Jasper Bark Books (Amazon UK)

Buy Jasper Bark Books (Amazon US)

Buy Wayne Simmons Books (Amazon UK)

Buy Wayne Simmons Books (Amazon US)




2 responses

10 11 2011
Theresa Derwin

It was a truly fun day & the film looks like it will be class! And Michael Wilson earned his acting stripes!

10 11 2011
Wilson The Writer

I appreciate your kind words. In terms of acting, hats off to the likes of Jasper, Dave and Wayne.

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