The game’s afoot

10 11 2011

Last week saw the release of a brand new Sherlock Holmes novel, The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz. Unlike all of the previous stories written in the 106 years since Arthur Conan Doyle put the world of Sherlock Holmes to rest, The House of Silk is officially authorised and endorsed by Doyle’s estate.

The novel is, as tradition dictates, written from Watson’s point of view and details a case of a man being stalked by a stranger with piercing eyes and a distinctive scarred face. The book promises to be the darkest Sherlock Holmes mystery yet and a worthy addition to the chronicles of one of literature’s finest characters. The book was released in hardback on 1 November, and is a great way to dispel the post-Halloween blues. UK fans buy the new Sherlock Holmes novel here, and US fans follow this link.

Elsewhere in the horror world, Cemetery Dance Publications have announced that they will be selling a limited number of the first ever Sinister Grin Press chapbook – Cut Corners Volume 1. The chapbook features three stories from masters of horror Bentley Little, Ray Garton and British horror legend Ramsey Campbell.

The chapbook is available for $8.00 and is selling quickly. The book can be bought from Cemetery Dance directly.





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