The Jack Ketchum Interview

24 11 2011
Jack Ketchum Monochrome

Steve Thornton ©

Fans of horror and suspense should need little introduction to the man Stephen King dubbed “the scariest guy in America”. Jack Ketchum has picked up numerous Bram Stoker Awards over the years and was recognised with the World Horror Convention Grand Master Award this year. He was tutored by and corresponded with the great Robert Bloch, and has released numerous novels and short story collections that demonstrate the versatility and spectrum of horror, weird and suspense fiction. Amongst his most famous works are The Girl Next Door, Offspring and Red. Each of these were made into thought-provoking films. Most recently he collaborated with Lucky McKee on both the book and film version of The Woman.

We are very humbled here at Read Horror to present – to you – an interview with one of the great masters of horror, Jack Ketchum.

Interview: Jack Ketchum




One response

25 11 2011

Excellent interview – Jack is also the subject of our interview on the next show of Scary Motherfucker radio.

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