Is there a racist in your neighbourhood?

14 12 2011

Gunshot blood suicideI’ll admit, watching Emma West’s recent notorious rant on the Croydon tram took me back to an episode in my life that had some of the same trappings, albeit a decidedly different end result. Come back with me, dear reader, to the summer of 1984 in suburban Pennsylvania, USA. Not to date myself, but I was in my 11th year and just passing time, not all that enamoured with my surroundings. See, I was fortunate enough to grow up outside the big city maelstrom into which I’d eventually fling myself with salacious abandon, but unfortunate enough to be surrounded by – how can I put it delicately?

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Re(a)d Letter Day: December 2011

7 12 2011

The Awakening written by Stephen VolkAs it’s the festive season I’ve decided to put aside my normal Scrooge-like persona and write about something a little more positive. To that end, I am going to tell you about an aspect of the horror genre I particularly enjoy and why I enjoy it – traditional ghost stories. This was prompted by the recent release of Stephen Volk’s The Awakening in the cinema (co-written with director Nick Murphy), which, judging from the reviews, harks back to the species of stories that started me off in the first place.

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Meet The Reader: December 2011

5 12 2011

Craig and his serial killer houseIn a fairly leafy, suburban street in north Milton Keynes, just round the corner from an area of parkland, there sits a secretive and foreboding house.  There are no windows on the front of this house nor means of seeing inside. There are no prying eyes here. The stark, concrete walls convey secrets – details of what goes on behind the closed door. A hanging basket adds a flash of colour – perhaps a diversionary tactic, intended to distract passersby? Whilst no eyes can look in, eyes can look out – yes, there’s a peephole.

Meet The Reader: December 2011

The Gorefather: November

1 12 2011

The Texas Chainsaw MassacreI’ve always been more influenced by good screenwriters than by well-respected novelists. Ever since I was young (yes, that long ago) I always found my own style of work more influenced by screen writers like Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Blue Collar) Robert Towne (Chinatown) and Walter Hill (The Getaway and Alien) than by the writers people usually expect horror novelists to owe a debt to.

The Gorefather – November 2011

Injured Eyeballs – November 2011

16 11 2011

Read Horror are incredibly honoured to welcome Jasper Bark – novelist, scriptwriter and comic specialist – on board. Jasper will be providing us with a graphic novel focussed column entitled ‘Injured Eyeballs’. Jasper’s column is the first step towards a Read Horror subsection ‘Graphic Horror’ with critique, comic strips and illustrations.

Injured Eyeballs – November 2011

Horror of Babylon: November 2011

9 11 2011

Last week we celebrated six months of Simon Marshall-Jones’ Red-Letter Day column, today it’s all about BC Furtney’s Horror of Babylon.

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Meet The Reader

3 11 2011

A new month means new things, and you – dear reader – are in for a bit of a treat. Horror critic, Emma Robins, is launching her new column Meet The Reader, apart from it’s not quite her column it’s your column. Confused? Read on and Meet The Reader…go on.

Meet The Reader – November 2011