Review: Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred Wiehe

9 12 2011

Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred WieheFred Wiehe’s latest novel Aleric: Monster Hunter is an ambitious book that ties fast paced action into well-researched gypsy custom.

The story focuses on Aleric Bimbai, a two hundred year old bounty hunter and gun for hire. He remains true to his gypsy roots, living outside the boundaries of conventional society and accepting dangerous missions that are presented to him.

Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred Wiehe review


Review: Quiet Houses by Simon Kurt Unsworth

17 11 2011

Simon Kurt Unsworth’s new portmanteau piece Quiet Houses is many things, all of them good. It is rare to read a collection of ghost stories where each one can make the reader feel a different emotion, rather than simply inducing fear.

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Review: Dead Bad Things by Gary McMahon

8 11 2011

Trevor Pumpkiss is a bastard. A murdering, child raping, bastard to be exact. He is also a superbly realised, complex and nuanced character, one of many that feature in this second novel-length outing for Thomas Usher.  His continual use of the term ‘friend’ is genuinely creepy and on finishing a chapter featuring him you almost feel the need to put the book down and wash your hands.

Dead Bad Things by Gar McMahon Review

Review: Nancy Goats by Weston Ochse

22 09 2011

One of the great things about reviewing books is being presented with a book you might not ordinarily have chosen and being completely blown away. Nancy Goats by Weston Ochse (pronounced Oaks) is one such book.

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Review: Predatory Instinct by Michael McBride

8 09 2011

At the heart of Predatory Instinct lies a gory, action packed story with some incredible set pieces. However, the flaws in this book undermine the positives, making it – ultimately – a bloated, slightly irritating read.

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Review: Mile 81 by Stephen King

7 09 2011

One of the modern days masters of the craft, Stephen King, has recently released his new Kindle only short Mile 81. Ross Warren picked up a copy to give us the lowdown on King’s new title.

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Review: The Kill Crew by Joseph D’Lacey

18 07 2011

If you’re looking for a short read to start the week and get into the horror spirit consider Joseph D’Lacey’s The Kill Crew. For our thoughts on this post-apocalyptic zombie novella, read on.

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