What should I read this Halloween? Part 1

If you’re lost for something to read this Halloween, you’re in luck for contained within this special five part series are no less than fifty Halloween recommendations. Not only have we asked some of the best genre authors today to recommend stories for Halloween, but we also recommend a story by each of them. You’ll notice that some of our staff have decided to recommend stories too. These stories take a variety of forms; short stories, anthologies, novels, novellas and even graphic novels.

Simon Bestwick recommends:

1. The October Country by Ray Bradbury






2. Shock 3 by Richard Matheson: “Shock 3 is a fantastic collection of stories, weaving back and forth between science fiction and horror (as in ‘Return’, a brilliant and bleak story with a superb closing line); its style is straightforward and to the point, but at the same time lyrical, like a cross between Bradbury and Alan Garner. For me, it was a masterclass in how short genre fiction should be written, and it’s still a book I love.” Simon Bestwick



3. Billie Morgan by Joolz Denby






Read Horror recommends:

4. The Faceless by Simon Bestwick, “Set for release early next year, this multi-layered supernatural horror looks like it’s going to be utterly terrifying.”






Wayne Simmons recommends:

5. Carrie by Stephen King






6. Autumn by David Moody







7. Unmarked Graves by Shaun Hutson: “Horror veteran Shaun Hutson puts a new spin on Voodoo zombies with this contemporary urban horror.” Wayne Simmons






Read Horror recommends:

8. Drop Dead Gorgeous by Wayne Simmons: “Simmons’ exciting apocalyptic zombie novel plays upon feelings of discontent, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty, loneliness and trepidation.”





Sam Stone recommends:

9. Sparrowhawk by Paul Finch






Read Horror recommends:

10. Demon Dance by Sam Stone: “Winner of the Best Novel at the British Fantasy Awards 2011.”


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31 10 2011
Jasper Bark

Excellent reads every one.

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