What should I read this Halloween? Part 4

Halloween week is almost over, and as such our Halloween countdown is coming to an end. This entry even features a television programme for you to explore. So sit back, grab a pen and write down your favourite recommendations from the likes of Stephen Volk, Michael Wilson and Conrad Williams.

Stephen Volk recommends:

31. The Turn of the Screw by Henry James







32. The Devil Rides Out by Dennis Wheatley: “Yes, Wheatley is unreadable in many ways – his style is stodgy (but so is Lovecraft’s) and he is a product of his time, snobby and sometimes racist. But I love the ideas, big, brash and wonderful metaphysics in (to him) as modern a setting as Stephen King’s and immaculate attention to occult detail. Mocata is one of the best villains ever and at the time TDRO was touted as ‘the best book of its kind since Dracula’ – which speaks volumes of its impact. It’s not for nothing Dennis Wheatley was dubbed at his height The Prince of Thriller Writers.” Stephen Volk






33. The Ritual by Adam Nevill








Read Horror recommends:

34. Ghostwatch by Stephen Volk: “Genuinely terrifying TV, preying on people’s primal fears and disguising it as a ‘live, as it happens’ experience – made more frightening by the fact that the presenters were people who graced our screens regularly. A startling exploration in creating fear.”





Michael Wilson (Read Horror Editor) recommends:

35. Hell House by Richard Matheson








36. The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum: “Ketchum firmly establishes himself as the master of suspense and unrelenting brutality in this compelling and downright terrifying tale of human endurance. Whilst it is one of the most explicit reads you will ever endure, it is succinct and at no point gratuitous. A tutorial in how to write graphic horror from one of the greats.”







37. Choke by Chuck Palahniuk







Conrad Williams recommends:

38. Finishing Touches by Thomas Tessier







39. House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski: “House of Leaves is one of the most unusual novels I’ve ever read. Presented as a scrappy, multi-narrated palimpsest, at its heart is a terrifying story about impossible architecture and the people who endeavour to make sense of it. It is a labyrinthine novel on many levels, and an essential touchstone for the genre.” Conrad Williams







40. The Road by Cormac McCarthy







Read Horror recommends:

41. One by Conrad Williams: “For gritty, well-written horror literature you can’t go far wrong with anything Conrad has written. One is one of the best post-apocalyptic outings this side of King’s The Stand.”





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