What should I read this Halloween? Part 5

Our post-Halloween celebrations continue as Halloween week draws to a close. This final part contains comics, MR James and incredibly well-written, suspenseful horror.

Jasper Bark recommends:

42. Till Death by Johnny Craig (taken from The Vault of Horror #28): “This is easily the best zombie comic ever created. It’s the most unsettling treatment of the disintegration of a relationship and the onset of sexual loathing that I’ve ever read and the art is some of this unparalleled master’s best.” Jasper Bark

43. The Greatest Horror of Them All! written by Joe Simon, drawn by Jack Kirby (taken from Black Magic #29): “Kirby did everything in comics, usually better than the rest of the competition, so this title isn’t just an empty boast. This story, written by long time writing partner Joe Simon, tackles miscegenation, body horror and the failure of love in the face of prejudice.” Jasper Bark

44. The Monster of Dread End Written by John Stanley, drawn by Ed Harris (taken from Ghost Stories #1): “Writer, John Stanley is best known for kid’s comics like ‘Little Lulu’ and ‘Nancy’, in this instance he turns in a truly horrifying tale that breaks no taboos and has no gore whatsoever. All the same it frightened and disturbed its readers so much it drew a record number of parent’s complaints and John Stanley sadly never wrote another horror comic.” Jasper Bark

45. The Well written by Bruce Jones, drawn by John Bolton (taken from Twisted Tales #4):  “During the 1970s Bruce Jones was at the forefront of Warren Comics horror renaissance and this led the short lived PC Comics to give him his own line of comics in the 1980s. This story is about fears so dark and subterranean that we hardly dare bring them to light, in this case a mother’s fears of her unborn child’s invasion and violation of her body.” Jasper Bark

Read Horror recommends:

46. ‘End of the Line’ by Jasper Bark (taken from The End of the Line): “This sci-fi horror tome with a distinctly Twilight Zone flavour will keep you captivated and guessing from start to finish.”

Dan Howarth (Read Horror Staff) recommends:

47. Ghosts of an Antiquary by MR James

48. Dark Matter by Michelle Paver: “All the elements of a Victorian ghost story transposed into a remote arctic setting. The feeling of isolation and abandonment coupled with some strong set pieces make it a very atmospheric read.” Dan Howarth

49. 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill

Simon Kurt Unsworth recommends:

50. Children of the Kingdom’ by T.E.D Klein (taken from Dark Gods)

51. ‘Battleground’ by Stephen King

52. The Mezzotint by MR James

53. Skirmish by Clifford D Simak: “Skirmish is a near-perfect story, acting as the opening to an untold bigger story; added to that, it’s fast and clever and manages to take seriously an essentially silly proposition. You’ll never look at your television the same way again…” Simon Kurt Unsworth

Read Horror recommends:

54. Quiet Houses by Simon Kurt Unsworth: “ A fantastic example of a portmanteau piece. Many different yet equally compelling stories drawn together by a sympathetic and interesting lead character. Includes every emotion a great ghost story should from terror to pity.”

BC Furtney recommends:

55. ‘Dread’ by Clive Barker (taken from Books of Blood): “Clive Barker’s ‘Dread’ comes on like a lean, mean thing with bad intentions. Crisp characters play out within methodical pacing and the story sharpens with every paragraph, the premise tightening like a vice and leaving us – like poor Steve – with no escape. ‘Dread’ pulverises the senses like a meat hammer and gets under the skin like maggots. This tale is one bad motherfucker and my personal favourite piece of Barker’s, by far. “ BC Furtney

56. Zee Bee & Bee by David James Keaton: “Kept me reading and worked on a dizzying multitude of levels – not all being horror.” BC Furtney

57. ‘An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge’ by Ambrose Bierce (taken from Tales of Soldiers and Civilians: “One of the greatest shorts of all time. Should be required reading across the board.” BC Furtney

58. Ur by Stephen King: “Cleverly relevant to today’s lit industry, whil still delivering the style from the man we know so well.” BC Furtney

Read Horror recommends:

59. Scarla by BC Furtney: “This is to the novella what A Serbian Film is to cinema, a rich social commentary wrapped inside a blood-drenched sodomising cock.”

Simon Marshall-Jones (Read Horror columnist) recommends:

60. Casting The Runes by MR James: “A beautifully constructed tale of the hubris, of power and arrogance, with a classic character study of the arch-villain who is all-too-comfortable in the knowledge that he possesses power over others yet is blind to the weaknesses that leave him vulnerable.”

61. Thief of Broken Toys by Tim Lebbon

Angela Slatter recommends:

62. The Fabric of Things by Steve Duffy

63. The Tower by Marghanita Laski: “I read this story in English class when I was fifteen and have not read it since. But it’s stuck in my mind as a truly chilling tale and, more importantly, the one that made me want to be a writer.” Angela Slatter

64. Children’s Story by Bob Franklin

65. The Mysterious Mansion by Honoré de Balzac

Read Horror recommends:

66. Sourdough and Other Stories by Angela Slatter

Jack Ketchum recommends:

67. The German by Lee Thomas

68. Audrey’s Door by Sarah Langan

69. Zombies and Shit by Carleton Mellick III: “If you haven’t read Mellick you’re not nearly perverse enough for the twenty first century.” Jack Ketchum

Read Horror recommends:

70. The Woman by Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee: “The Woman is every bit as real as us and exposes the cruelty and perversity of mankind with all the subtlety of a pair of scissors clean-cutting a clitoris.”

Shaun Hutson recommends:

71. The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

72. The Totem by David Morrell

73. Legion by William Peter Blatty

74. Headhunter by Michael Slade

Read Horror recommends:

75. Dying Words by Shaun Hutson

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10 11 2011
Theresa Derwin

Are you posting the complete list as a doc that can be downloaded?

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