Armand Rosamilia

What first attracted you to horror writing?

Dean Koontz books my Mother read… as a kid I would read every horror book she had, and she had a ton… she’d black out the sex parts in certain books for me, but otherwise I was allowed to read her King and Koontz paperbacks.

What is your most notable work?

I’d like to think that I still have to write that huge novel that readers love, but I’m very proud of the work I’ve done so far in my Extreme Undead series. Highway To Hell and Dying Days are my two extreme zombie novellas.

What are you working on now?

I’ve been having great success in getting zombie stories published in various anthologies, and I’m working on the third extreme zombie novella. I also dabble in some erotic paranormal fiction and non-fiction books on Heavy Metal and pro wrestling.

Who do you admire in the horror world?

There are so many great writers out there that I read and follow whether via Facebook, their blogs or anywhere else they post. Scott Nicholson comes to mind for the work he does in his releases and in his promotion. Brian Keene is another favourite of mine, as well as John Everson, Gord Rollo, Joe McKinney, Eric S. Brown, WD Gagliano. I could go on forever…

Do you prefer all out gore or psychological chills?

I prefer a great book! Total gross-out gore or sex doesn’t bother me, as long as it makes sense. My extreme zombie stories have a huge amount of sex and gore, but (I hope) the story is what carries the reader along.

Why should people read your work?

I’m a nice guy, and because if you like reading about zombies, you’ll like my work! I’m a huge fan of the genre of horror and the subgenre of zombies/apocalyptic tales, and plan on writing more and more because my growing fanbase has asked to see these characters and situations continue.

Recommend a book.

From me? Highway To Hell is my first real foray into extreme zombie writing, and I think the novella is excellent, but I’m biased. Right now I’m reading Breed, a great book by Owl Goingback. He is such a great horror writer, I shake my head sometimes and wish I could write like that.

Armand Rosamilia


2 responses

2 06 2011
Jeffrey Beesler

Great interview! Keep those zombie tales coming, Armand!

2 06 2011
Blaze McRob

It’s great to see my friend Armand over here. Not only is he a decent guy, he’s a damned good writer.

Buy his books!


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