September 2011

Michael Wilson
PRO: Reading Richard Matheson’s Hell House – one of the greatest haunted house novels of all time.
CON: Hellraiser Revelations, need I say more?




Simon Marshall-Jones
(Read-Letter Day Columnist)
Launching Cate Gardner’s Nowhere Hall, the third in Spectral Press’ quarterly chapbook line…
CON: Hellraiser Revelations? What shite doth this be before mine eyes? Hang, draw and quarter them, the scurvy knaves!




BC Furtney
(Horror of Babylon Columnist)
PRO: Finding that running your own bookshop is pretty damn fun.
CON: Figuring out how to nix the pack of lazy bastards who worked there before I took the reins and introduced fresh blood.


Ross Warren
The return of Doctor Who. More imagination in one episode than most of the beebs output combined.
Kick Ass 2 – Just seems like Millar is more intent on being outrageous than telling a good story.




Dan Howarth
Troll Hunter. Scandinavian horror just keeps giving and giving – mythology and hilarity – my favourite film of the summer.
CON: Apollo 18 – the most disappointing found footage since Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. One of the most derivative horror films ever.




Shaun Hutson
(The Gorefather)
Watching X-The Unknown (a 1956 black and white Hammer Film) on DVD and realising once again Hammer’s contribution to horror.
CON: Seeing the trailer for Shark Night 3-D at the pictures and wondering where the fuck all the class in horror movies went.



Karen Edwards
Joined the Read Horror Staff.
Final Destination 5 – wasn’t it ‘The Final Destination’ three movies ago???


One response

13 09 2011

Read Nowhere Hall last week. Loved it. Wanted to watch Trollhunter over the weekend, but the DVD was scratched to sh-t. As for Hell House: By God YES.

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