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Dare you strike The Armageddon Chord?
Prepare for a blood-drenched Lockdown

Are you human?

Could Bird’s Shelley inspired tale re-invent Frankenstein?

In The Arena…

Congratulations Dark Minds winners

Do you want to write reviews for Read Horror?

Scott Nicholson to release Monster’s Ink through Dark Continents Publishing

BC Furtney’s pulp horror Scarla arrives

Win Dark Minds Press anthology

More Alt Fiction – exploring other worlds

So what’s Alt. Fiction all about?

BC Furtney reveals a twisted love story

Hellfire, but will there be brimstone?
The Ritual is coming

Welcome to Read Horror

Third book in the Raine’s Landing series lands

Fangtastic Jeffrey release

Dark Regions Press win Bram Stoker Award

One response

10 12 2011
David Searls

Any interest in reviewing a novel from Samhain Horror in America? My BLOODTHIRST IN BABYLON will be released in early January. I also wrote YELLOW MOON, published by Warner Books, and Samhain will release MALEVOLENT next summer. You can read more about BLOODTHIRST and myself at

Thank you.

David Searls

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