BC Furtney reveals a twisted love story

Just as you think he’s disappeared he comes back with a vengeance. BC Furtney, author of Scarla, joined us today to unveil the trailer for his new film You, Me, and The Devil Makes Three. His first film since New Terminal Hotel promises to be pretty special.

We caught up with BC to find out a little more.

BC, talk us through the idea behind You, Me and The Devil Makes Three?

BC: You, Me, and the Devil Makes Three has been lurking in my shadows for a long time, about ten years. It first appeared as a short film called Y, playing festivals in ’02. I realised there was more to the story, so after some tinkering with the premise, sat down and blasted out ninety pages. It took a backseat to a lot of other stuff I was doing, but would rear its head every couple years, and won 3rd place at the New York City Horror Film Festival in ’07. We came close to production a few times, but either the right people weren’t available or the money wasn’t there or a myriad of other things. So it never happened…until now. Devil Makes Three is the one film left on my shelf that demands to be made and won’t rest until it’s realised.

Is this your sickest film yet?

BC: Actually, I don’t know if sickest is the word, but Devil Makes Three is the ace card that’s been hiding up my sleeve the whole time. It’s a kick-ass horror story, but beyond that, it’s a dark and twisted love story of Shakespearean proportions. Obsession, compulsion, fantasy, reality, love, sex, and death are woven into the tapestry of two solitary outcasts who finally find – and bring out the worst in – each other at a remote trailer camp in the desert. We’re still casting, and along with some new faces, you’ll see some old favorites. And for car aficionados, one of the co-stars is a badass ’67 Pontiac GTO.

Check out the video below and leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.

BC Furtney


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