Hellfire, but will there be brimstone?

They’re heeeeeeeere!

Hellfire Publishing is opening its virtual doors this Saturday, April 30th at noon central time.  So set your watches, zombies and ghouls, and fly, crawl, ooze, or drift on over and pick up an eBook or two or twelve by horror authors sure to become your new favourites.  There’s something for discerning readers of every taste running the gamut from gore to vamp glam to paranormal and so much more.

And if you want to sample before you buy a single author book, why not pick up The Book of Beltane Volume One?  In this, the first Hellfire anthology, you can get a taste of what Hellfire has to off in smaller bites…so to speak.  And not only will you treat yourself, but you will be supporting a great cause at the same time—a portion of the proceeds from this anthology will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Read below to see how to win a free copy and we will still give a portion of the would-be sale to the kiddos. You still give, you still read and you don’t pay, who can beat that?

So stop by on April 30th and see what all the excitement’s about.  Owner/Publisher Dawn Binkley and the Hellfire family of writers, artists, and assorted other strange and wonderful folk bid you welcome.

As a matter of fact, they may never let you leave….

Written by Carson Buckingham for Hellfire Publishing, INC.


Michael thank you so much for having us and I sure hope you don’t mind that we are offering free stuff to your readers.

Not a horror fan?  That’s great. We carry a fine selection of genres. Dark fantasy seems to be our opening theme and that has something for everyone…sex, danger and a touch of the scary stuff. I am delighted to share that Hellfire has a short story coming out every single month in the Lair of the Lesbian Love Goddess series, written by best-selling sci-fi author Edward McKeown. First up, Mars needs Men.

Mars needs Men is a sexy spoof of the noir detective story set in the twenty-second century spaceport of New York City. Port Authority officer Brian McManus, a mature, ‘everyman’ officer, and his young and attractive partner, Regina Del Mar, are assigned the weirder aspects of interstellar relations.

This mission is to quietly locate and recover the visiting Martian governor’s nymphomaniac daughter, Avalie. The governor is here to recruit men for Mars after a plague by Sapphist Terrorists wiped out the male gender there. But, while Mom is recruiting volunteers, her daughter Avalie is shopping for studs, whether they want to go or not.

With their transgender informant, Freddie Bouvier, who looks more like a girl than many girls do, they search the New York underworld for Avalie, finding smugglers, firefights, and general mayhem in the process.

Hang with us at the campfire, where you will find more free stuff on Saturday.

Our beautiful Robin Renee Ray is having a grand opening blog party where she will be giving away a total of four E-books and $75.00 dollars. Two lucky winners will end up with two books a piece and one will get a $25 dollar gift card and the other a $50…this is how excited we are about this grand opening.

One lucky commenter here today will walk away with a download from our Beltane anthology.

Beltane—it’s celebrated on May 1, still a pagan holiday, which went on to be eclipsed by the Communist Bloc May Day celebrations.  Because Beltane celebrations rarely made the news and when they did, it was with an uncomfortable communistic association, it has faded into the background and been largely forgotten.

Until now.

We at Hellfire Publishing propose to bring back Beltane in all its dark wonder, in this, our first anthology.  You’ll read terrifying tales of the holiday—and not just the way Americans celebrate it.  Eerie Beltane customs from the world over are submitted here, as Mr. Rod Serling used to say, “…for your approval.”

What we want to know is…

Can you approve of something while hiding under the covers?

What was that noise?  Is the house settling or was that a footstep?  And who’s that knocking at the door…at three in the morning?  Listen, listen…was that the window sliding slowly upward in the spare room?

The answers to these questions and many more may be discovered in this anthology…but a word of caution…

Don’t ask a question that you really don’t want the answer to.

Find us here.

Thank you for being a part of the family that is Hellfire Publishing.


Dawn Binkley
Executive editor
Hellfire Publishing

Details, written by Dawn Binkley


One response

30 04 2011
Robin Renee Ray

I love this cover ‘Mars Needs Men’ and will have this book with in a few days…I am so excited for everyone at Hellfire Publishing…Great read!

Thanks for sharing.

Robin Renee Ray


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