Fangtooth by Shaun Jeffrey

Next month sees the launch of Shaun Jeffrey’s latest novel, Fangtooth. The blurb for Fangtooth nods towards an era of classic monster tales, read it below:

“After the death of his wife, Bruce Holden moves to the quaint coastal fishing village of Mulberry with his son, Jack. He is hoping for a fresh start, but the locals greet their arrival with mixed reactions, from friendliness to open hostility. Bruce puts it down to them being outsiders, but when a tourist is killed while swimming, the real horror is unleashed. There’s something ravenous in the sea. Something that’s coming ashore in search of prey. Now Bruce and Jack find themselves embroiled in a nightmare where humankind is no longer at the top of the food chain.”

I caught up with Shaun Jeffrey so that ReadHorror fans can learn more about this exciting new release. Don’t forget to pre-order a copy of Shaun Jeffrey’s Fangtooth.

What can you tell us about Fangtooth that the copy can’t?

Fangtooth is my homage to giant monster movies. It’s the bastard lovechild of Piranha and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. It’s a story about Bruce and Jack, a father and son who move to the coast, only it isn’t the peaceful paradise that they had hoped. Besides hostile locals, something is brewing in the depths of the ocean, something with a need to feed.

What inspired Fangtooth?

It’s hard to say really. I just sometimes get an idea and then run with it to see what happens. This was probably one of those times. But I’ve always liked giant monsters, and as is usually the case, I wrote the story that I would like to read.

Does Fangtooth take the form of a classic ‘monster’ horror story?

I would like to think that it does. Monsters come in many shades. This is but one. Whether it could be called a classic monster story is up to the reader, but I hope that I’ve put my own unique spin on it.

Did you look to the likes of HP Lovecraft for inspiration?

There are hundreds of thousands of authors I’ve never read, Lovecraft is one of them, so I can’t say that he’s inspired me at all. But I guess there are lots of authors that have inspired me along the way, so they’re all to blame.

How did the writing and research process differ to your other novels?

As the book features trawler fishing and diving, I had to research the subjects as best I could, but then at the end of the day I make shit up so there’s probably a lot of artistic license involved. This book has been through the wringer though as it’s been accepted a couple of times by other publishers but then things have gone wrong and it’s never made it to the finish post. It’s the first story that I’ve written that’s set outside the UK after a previous publisher wanted it set in the US. So I had help from the wonderful Rhonda Wilson who went through my novel after and helped me Americanise it more, so I’m hoping I did a good enough job.

Who should buy Fangtooth?

People who want to be entertained. This isn’t highbrow literature, but good old man versus monster fun that I hope people accept for what it is.

I demand more Shaun Jeffrey – take me to his website!


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21 04 2011
Preview: Fangtooth by Shaun Jeffrey « Read Horror

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