Bad Moon Books Release D’Lacey Fiction

15 12 2011

Snake Eyes by Joseph D'LaceyBad Moon Books have this week announced a brand new release from the eco-horror overlord Joseph D’Lacey. Snake Eyes will be launched in the New Year and is available for pre-order now.

Snake Eyes is a collection of two brand new novellas from the author of Meat. The first of these two stories is called A Trespasser in Long Lofting and involves an isolated, starving community that sees something enormous and red crash land. The villagers are torn – is it possible to eat what has landed or is it a vile demon that must be destroyed? More to the point what are their other options?

The second novella is A Man of Will and Experience and features Robert Johnson, an ordinary man who wakes up with a tube in his head, although apparently he is the only one that is aware of this! His world begins to unravel in a paranoid delusion as he battles with unseen forces for control of his life.

D’Lacey has not released a book for over two years so this announcement is brilliant news for fans of his quirky take on sci-fi, horror and everything in-between. Be sure to check Read Horror soon for more special Joseph D’Lacey news.


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Meet The Writer: Glen R. Krisch

14 12 2011

The Nightmare Within by Glen R KrischWhat first attracted you to horror writing?

To me, horror is all about strong emotion, usually of the dark variety. Something in that speaks to me, to my very core.

Meet The Writer: Glen R. Krisch

Review: Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred Wiehe

9 12 2011

Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred WieheFred Wiehe’s latest novel Aleric: Monster Hunter is an ambitious book that ties fast paced action into well-researched gypsy custom.

The story focuses on Aleric Bimbai, a two hundred year old bounty hunter and gun for hire. He remains true to his gypsy roots, living outside the boundaries of conventional society and accepting dangerous missions that are presented to him.

Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred Wiehe review

New William Meikle Releases

29 11 2011

The Invasion by William MeikleFans of Scottish author William Meikle will be delighted with the news coming from Dark Regions Press this week as they have announced that they will be releasing two books for pre-order by the prolific scribe.

The first of the two new books is entitled Sherlock Holmes: Revenant, and features the world’s most famous detective in a new case that will see our hero and his assistant Watson travel the length and breadth of the United Kingdom to foil a deadly nemesis who threatens to bring London to its knees.

The second of these two exciting titles is a Dark Regions Double flip book that contains two of Meikle’s best known titles. The first story is The Invasion a story that reached #2 in the Kindle Sci-fi Chart and #4 in the Kindle Horror Chart.

The North Eastern seaboard of America is shrouded in a mysterious green rain that causes devastation and death wherever it lands, however this is only the start as strange creatures begin to emerge from this ooze.

The second part of this Meikle double bill is another Kindle bestseller – The Valley. Set in 1863, a group of mercenaries arrive in a town they are supposed to be protecting to find it empty, a historic evil has emerged from the nearby caves and is anxious to meet them.


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Meet The Publisher: Noose & Gibbet

28 11 2011

Back from the dead the legacy of the pan book of horror storiesWhen and how did Noose & Gibbet form?

It was early 2009 and I was in talks regarding a Pan Book of Horror Stories special, but sadly that fell through. So, I sat and talked to the wife -who was in complete agreement that I should edit and publish the book myself. So the anthology, Back From The Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories was born and the name of Noose & Gibbet was inspired by Thomas Muirson’s ‘The Gibbet Inn’ from Pan Book of Horror Stories #21.

Meet The Publisher: Noose & Gibbet

Meet The Writer: Johnny Mains

25 11 2011

Lest You Should suffer Nightmares by Johnny MainsWhat first attracted you to horror writing?

For many years I wrote poetry and song lyrics, but back then thought that writing horror poetry wouldn’t be accepted, so didn’t do it.

Meet The Writer: Johnny Mains

Brandon Sanderson UK Tour – This Week

23 11 2011

Here is a call for all fans of epic fantasy, genre master Brandon Sanderson will be touring the UK this week to promote his new book The Alloy of Law, the latest story set in his bestselling Mistborn universe.

Fans of the American scribe can catch him on his current book signing tour, in the North of England and Scotland, this week at the following events.

Thursday 24 November, 2011 
12.30pm: Signing
Waterstones, 28-29 High Ousegate, York YO1 8RX

6.30pm: Talk and signing
Waterstones, Edinburgh West End, 128 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 4AD

Friday 25 November 2011 
6.30pm: Talk and singing
Waterstones, Emerson Chambers, Blackett Street, Newcastle NE1 7JF

For further details of Sanderson’s appearances and additional dates in America please visit his personal website here.

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