Is there a racist in your neighbourhood?

14 12 2011

Gunshot blood suicideI’ll admit, watching Emma West’s recent notorious rant on the Croydon tram took me back to an episode in my life that had some of the same trappings, albeit a decidedly different end result. Come back with me, dear reader, to the summer of 1984 in suburban Pennsylvania, USA. Not to date myself, but I was in my 11th year and just passing time, not all that enamoured with my surroundings. See, I was fortunate enough to grow up outside the big city maelstrom into which I’d eventually fling myself with salacious abandon, but unfortunate enough to be surrounded by – how can I put it delicately?

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Horror of Babylon: November 2011

9 11 2011

Last week we celebrated six months of Simon Marshall-Jones’ Red-Letter Day column, today it’s all about BC Furtney’s Horror of Babylon.

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Happy Halloween from BC Furtney

12 10 2011

Halloween fast approaches, and it’s my favourite time of year. It wasn’t always this way. As a boy, I was all about Christmas. I dug the presents – being an only child, I always got a lot. My haul was usually like a successful bank heist. A bank full of toys. Also, my house had a lot of unspoken lapsed-Catholic guilt, among other weirdness, so Christmas was eyed as a time to set any wrongs right through shameless materialism. It was years before I realised other kids weren’t lavished with stuff like I was. Worked for me, but as a result, I’ve never put much stock in possessions, always knowing how hollow things are at day’s end.

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What is this? What is that? What is the other?

14 09 2011

BC Furtney explores the questions of what is horror, what is fear and what is genre. I say explores, perhaps it would be more accurate to say he flips the question on its head and details why we shouldn’t be asking so many questions. Read his column and learn more.

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“Creative development executives should do the planet a great service and kill themselves”

10 08 2011

It’s that time of the month where Read Horror hand over to BC Furtney and see what he has to say for himself. As usual he’s got quite the opinionated mouth on him as he explores the bastardising of art and why we shouldn’t care if vampires sparkle or not.

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It’s the end of the world

13 07 2011

Armageddon. The Apocalypse. End Times. The Rapture. Walmart. One idea – many names. Whether you believe The Book of RevelationThe Stand, or simple science, the world is going to end sometime. And let’s face it the human race has always been a little bit goofy for doomsday. But really, what’s the hurry? Is it not bad enough that a nuclear reactor is situated within a few hundred miles of, well, just about everyone now? And that the safety of said reactor is about as subject to human error as your special double caramel latte whipped-up by the new barista? And that, at the aforementioned proximity, in the event of a catastrophe, we’d all be dead in less time than it takes to finish this sentence? Still mulling it over? Ok, then. Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima, and the recent Nebraska reactor flood are just some famous nuclear fuck-ups that could’ve been a lot worse, but were horrifying enough as is, so let’s talk fiction. Join me, boys and girls, for a simple game of connect the dots, mass destruction-style.

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