Meet The Writer: Glen R. Krisch

14 12 2011

The Nightmare Within by Glen R KrischWhat first attracted you to horror writing?

To me, horror is all about strong emotion, usually of the dark variety. Something in that speaks to me, to my very core.

Meet The Writer: Glen R. Krisch


Meet The Reader: December 2011

5 12 2011

Craig and his serial killer houseIn a fairly leafy, suburban street in north Milton Keynes, just round the corner from an area of parkland, there sits a secretive and foreboding house.  There are no windows on the front of this house nor means of seeing inside. There are no prying eyes here. The stark, concrete walls convey secrets – details of what goes on behind the closed door. A hanging basket adds a flash of colour – perhaps a diversionary tactic, intended to distract passersby? Whilst no eyes can look in, eyes can look out – yes, there’s a peephole.

Meet The Reader: December 2011

The Jack Ketchum Interview

24 11 2011
Jack Ketchum Monochrome

Steve Thornton ©

Fans of horror and suspense should need little introduction to the man Stephen King dubbed “the scariest guy in America”. Jack Ketchum has picked up numerous Bram Stoker Awards over the years and was recognised with the World Horror Convention Grand Master Award this year. He was tutored by and corresponded with the great Robert Bloch, and has released numerous novels and short story collections that demonstrate the versatility and spectrum of horror, weird and suspense fiction. Amongst his most famous works are The Girl Next Door, Offspring and Red. Each of these were made into thought-provoking films. Most recently he collaborated with Lucky McKee on both the book and film version of The Woman.

We are very humbled here at Read Horror to present – to you – an interview with one of the great masters of horror, Jack Ketchum.

Interview: Jack Ketchum

Meet The Writer: Fred Wiehe

18 11 2011

What first attracted you to horror writing?

I loved horror even as a kid. On Saturday afternoons, I watched all of the old Universal monster movies on TV – Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein, The Mummy. I also collected, put together, and painted the old Aurora monster models.

Meet The Writer: Fred Wiehe

Adam Nevill Interview: Part One

15 11 2011

Over the past seven years Adam Nevill has established himself as an authoritative voice of supernatural horror. His modern MR James inspired approach is instilled into three successful novels and a handful of short stories, including offerings in both Solaris’ The End of the Line and more recently, House of Fear. His latest novel, The Ritual, is a literary amalgamation of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Blair Witch Project.

In what is perhaps the nicest pub in the Notting Hill area, we had the opportunity to sit down with Adam, quaff a few real ales and speak about his terrifying great outdoors tome, the black metal scene, his current work-in-progress and the writing craft.

Read Adam Nevill Interview: Part I

Jonathan Oliver Interview Part II

9 11 2011

Jonathan Oliver, Editor-in-Chief for Abaddon, is back with us on Read Horror, for part two of his interview.

Read Jonathan Oliver Interview Part II

Meet The Writer: Adam Millard

28 10 2011

What first attracted you to horror writing?

I began writing at a very early age. Back then I had an Olympia typewriter that would annoy my mother for hours on end, and most of the time I had to limit what I wrote to an hour a day or face her wrath.

Meet The Writer: Adam Millard