Review: Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred Wiehe

9 12 2011

Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred WieheFred Wiehe’s latest novel Aleric: Monster Hunter is an ambitious book that ties fast paced action into well-researched gypsy custom.

The story focuses on Aleric Bimbai, a two hundred year old bounty hunter and gun for hire. He remains true to his gypsy roots, living outside the boundaries of conventional society and accepting dangerous missions that are presented to him.

Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred Wiehe review


Meet The Writer: Fred Wiehe

18 11 2011

What first attracted you to horror writing?

I loved horror even as a kid. On Saturday afternoons, I watched all of the old Universal monster movies on TV – Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein, The Mummy. I also collected, put together, and painted the old Aurora monster models.

Meet The Writer: Fred Wiehe

Happy Halloween from BC Furtney

12 10 2011

Halloween fast approaches, and it’s my favourite time of year. It wasn’t always this way. As a boy, I was all about Christmas. I dug the presents – being an only child, I always got a lot. My haul was usually like a successful bank heist. A bank full of toys. Also, my house had a lot of unspoken lapsed-Catholic guilt, among other weirdness, so Christmas was eyed as a time to set any wrongs right through shameless materialism. It was years before I realised other kids weren’t lavished with stuff like I was. Worked for me, but as a result, I’ve never put much stock in possessions, always knowing how hollow things are at day’s end.

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Preview: Fangtooth by Shaun Jeffrey

21 04 2011

Next month sees the launch of Shaun Jeffrey’s latest novel, Fangtooth. The blurb for Fangtooth nods towards an era of classic monster tales, read it below:

“After the death of his wife, Bruce Holden moves to the quaint coastal fishing village of Mulberry with his son, Jack. He is hoping for a fresh start, but the locals greet their arrival with mixed reactions, from friendliness to open hostility. Bruce puts it down to them being outsiders, but when a tourist is killed while swimming, the real horror is unleashed. There’s something ravenous in the sea. Something that’s coming ashore in search of prey. Now Bruce and Jack find themselves embroiled in a nightmare where humankind is no longer at the top of the food chain.”

I caught up with Shaun Jeffrey so that ReadHorror fans can learn more about this exciting new release. Don’t forget to pre-order a copy of Shaun Jeffrey’s Fangtooth.

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