Meet The Writer: Glen R. Krisch

14 12 2011

The Nightmare Within by Glen R KrischWhat first attracted you to horror writing?

To me, horror is all about strong emotion, usually of the dark variety. Something in that speaks to me, to my very core.

Meet The Writer: Glen R. Krisch


Review: Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred Wiehe

9 12 2011

Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred WieheFred Wiehe’s latest novel Aleric: Monster Hunter is an ambitious book that ties fast paced action into well-researched gypsy custom.

The story focuses on Aleric Bimbai, a two hundred year old bounty hunter and gun for hire. He remains true to his gypsy roots, living outside the boundaries of conventional society and accepting dangerous missions that are presented to him.

Aleric: Monster Hunter by Fred Wiehe review

From Flu to Fever

8 12 2011

Wayne SimmonsGood news continues to come in for Wayne Simmons fans, in addition to the special edition books announced last week; we now have exciting news about brand new releases from the zombie master.

Wayne has announced that Fever, the follow up to his excellent tome Flu, will be available in February 2012 and a full launch is expected to take place at Cardiff Comic Expo 2012.

Fellow zombie scribe David Moody has provided the cover blurb for Fever and said “Fever wears its reanimated heart proudly on its sleeve. Simmons builds on the nightmare world he created in Flu and manages to make it even more horrific and diseased. A sequel which surpasses the original.”

In addition, Wayne has announced that Doll Parts, a book on hold since 2009 and the long-awaited sequel to Drop Dead Gorgeous, will be released in March 2012.

If that isn’t enough for Wayne’s fans, he is also pleased to announce that Morpheus Tales have published his story from the Flu world, Mary’s Boy Child in their special Christmas issue which is available to download for free now.


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Meet The Writer: Fred Wiehe

18 11 2011

What first attracted you to horror writing?

I loved horror even as a kid. On Saturday afternoons, I watched all of the old Universal monster movies on TV – Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein, The Mummy. I also collected, put together, and painted the old Aurora monster models.

Meet The Writer: Fred Wiehe

Horror of Babylon: November 2011

9 11 2011

Last week we celebrated six months of Simon Marshall-Jones’ Red-Letter Day column, today it’s all about BC Furtney’s Horror of Babylon.

Read Horror of Babylon November 2011

Jonathan Oliver Interview Part II

9 11 2011

Jonathan Oliver, Editor-in-Chief for Abaddon, is back with us on Read Horror, for part two of his interview.

Read Jonathan Oliver Interview Part II

Meet The Writer: Simon Kurt Unsworth

1 11 2011

What first attracted you to horror writing?

It was a mix of things, really: I’ve always wanted to write (I wrote ‘get something published’ on an undecorated wall in my house at the end of 1999 as a way of making a new millennium’s resolution – I figured giving myself 1000 years was a good timeframe), and I wanted to write horror because it was what I like to read. As long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed reading, watching and listening to horror stories, so it seemed a natural thing to then write them when I came to actually start writing.

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