Adam Nevill Interview: Part II

12 12 2011

Adam Nevill in the woodsAdam Nevill – author of Banquet for the Damned, Apartment 16 and The Ritual – speaks on The Ritual, book deals, Paranormal Activity and more in part two of our three part interview.

Adam Nevill Interview: Part II


Re(a)d Letter Day: December 2011

7 12 2011

The Awakening written by Stephen VolkAs it’s the festive season I’ve decided to put aside my normal Scrooge-like persona and write about something a little more positive. To that end, I am going to tell you about an aspect of the horror genre I particularly enjoy and why I enjoy it – traditional ghost stories. This was prompted by the recent release of Stephen Volk’s The Awakening in the cinema (co-written with director Nick Murphy), which, judging from the reviews, harks back to the species of stories that started me off in the first place.

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Adam Nevill Interview: Part One

15 11 2011

Over the past seven years Adam Nevill has established himself as an authoritative voice of supernatural horror. His modern MR James inspired approach is instilled into three successful novels and a handful of short stories, including offerings in both Solaris’ The End of the Line and more recently, House of Fear. His latest novel, The Ritual, is a literary amalgamation of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Blair Witch Project.

In what is perhaps the nicest pub in the Notting Hill area, we had the opportunity to sit down with Adam, quaff a few real ales and speak about his terrifying great outdoors tome, the black metal scene, his current work-in-progress and the writing craft.

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You can’t exorcise a good book

20 10 2011

Cemetery Dance Publications have just announced the mother of all horror books! Currently available for pre-order is the fortieth anniversary edition of William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist, for the first time in a revised, limited edition print.

Forty years after the release of one of the ultimate classics of the genre, Blatty has returned to the original manuscript to rewrite and update the parts that he was never happy with. Due to deadlines and time constraints Blatty didn’t get to redraft his work to a state that he was completely happy with. Now decades, and millions of sales later, he will return to his most famous work and make it more terrifying than ever before.

The limited edition prints are all available in oversize hardback with slipcover and author signature making it the ultimate trophy for horror book collectors.

Prices start at $100 and are available to pre-order The Exorcist at Cemetery Dance Publications now.


Jonathan Oliver talks House of Fear, supernatural fiction and the short story

11 10 2011

A couple of weeks back we had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with and interviewing Abaddon and Solaris Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Oliver. Our interview was so in-depth that it stretches over two parts. Today we bring you part one, and this time next week we’ll bring you the conclusion. So sit back and enjoy.

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