Drop Dead Frickin’ Gorgeous: Special Edition

2 12 2011

Wayne SimmonsThis week zombie aficionado Wayne Simmons has announced that his Belfast-based undead tomes Flu and Drop Dead Gorgeous are to see limited edition hardback release.

Each title will be strictly limited to 500 collector’s edition hardbacks that will be of exemplary paper stock and have a ribbon bookmark amongst other features. In addition to being signed, each book will be re-edited and will contain some extra features.

Drop Dead Gorgeous will feature brand new cover art from Wayne’s favourite tattoo artist, the award winning Chris Jones [Editor’s note: that’s Chris ‘Frickin’ Jones!].

Wayne is expected to release more details of this must have book for British zombie fans over the next few weeks.



Meet The Writer: Dan Henk

11 07 2011

What first attracted you to horror writing?

We didn’t have a TV until I was in the fifth grade, and even then, we were limited to an hour a day. So I grew up reading – a lot – and my favourites were always darker sci-fi and horror. I’ve written most of my life, taking creative writing courses, and drawing and writing my own comics since I was fourteen. I even wrote a full novel when I was in the fifth grade (I’m sure it sucks now!) and I did a bunch of interior illustrations for it.

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