Bad Moon Books Release D’Lacey Fiction

15 12 2011

Snake Eyes by Joseph D'LaceyBad Moon Books have this week announced a brand new release from the eco-horror overlord Joseph D’Lacey. Snake Eyes will be launched in the New Year and is available for pre-order now.

Snake Eyes is a collection of two brand new novellas from the author of Meat. The first of these two stories is called A Trespasser in Long Lofting and involves an isolated, starving community that sees something enormous and red crash land. The villagers are torn – is it possible to eat what has landed or is it a vile demon that must be destroyed? More to the point what are their other options?

The second novella is A Man of Will and Experience and features Robert Johnson, an ordinary man who wakes up with a tube in his head, although apparently he is the only one that is aware of this! His world begins to unravel in a paranoid delusion as he battles with unseen forces for control of his life.

D’Lacey has not released a book for over two years so this announcement is brilliant news for fans of his quirky take on sci-fi, horror and everything in-between. Be sure to check Read Horror soon for more special Joseph D’Lacey news.


Hook up with Joseph D’Lacey over on Twitter, or on Joseph D’Lacey’s Facebook page.

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