Please find below an archive to all the Meet The Writer articles. Meet The Writer is a quick, fun, introduction to a selection of upcoming and well established horror authors.

– A –

Amo, Thomas

– B –

Bacon, Stephen
Baker, Scott

Bark, Jasper

Barron, Laird

Bestwick, Simon

Black, Zach

Brown, Eric S.
Buckingham, Carson

– C –

Carnell, Thom
Chamberlin, Adrian

Charles, Garry

Connell, Brendan

Crisler, Lincoln

– D –

Dillard, Dan
DiLouie, Craig

Duza, Andre

– E –

Erdelac, Edward M.

– F –

Frisch, Belinda
Furtney, BC

– G –

Gifune, Greg F.
Guest, Darren J

– H –

Harte, A.M.
Henk, Dan

Hutson, Shaun

– J –

Jeffery, Dave
Jeffrey, Shaun
Jones, Stephen Graham

– K –

Kale, Vincent
Keaton, David James

Kelly, Alan

– M –

Mathew, David
McDermott, Kirstyn

McKinnon, Iain

McMahon, Gary

Meloy, Paul
Melzer, James
Mills, Darren

Moody, David

– N –

Nevill, Adam
Newman, James

Newman, Kim

– O –

Oliver, Jonathan
Owen, Kelli

– P –

Paffenroth, Kim
Porter, Remy

– R –

Remic, Andy
Rosamilia, Armand

– S –

Schmitz, S.L.
Scopel, Thomas

Simmons, Wayne
Slatter, Angela
Smith, Guy N

Spriggs, Robin

Stone, Sam
Strand, Jeff

– T –

Thompson, Lee

– V –

Venables, Toby
Volk, Stephen

– W –

Warner, Matthew
West, Mark

White, Julian

Williams, Conrad
Williams, Neil

Wilson, Robert S.

3 responses

28 04 2011
Glenn Colvin

Would love to “Meet The Writer” Rhiannon Frater, author of As The World Dies.

28 04 2011
Wilson The Writer

Watch this space :).

20 07 2011
Nick Gucker

These are coming along quite fantastically, keep up the great Meet the Writer’s section, most entertaining and informative.

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