From Flu to Fever

8 12 2011

Wayne SimmonsGood news continues to come in for Wayne Simmons fans, in addition to the special edition books announced last week; we now have exciting news about brand new releases from the zombie master.

Wayne has announced that Fever, the follow up to his excellent tome Flu, will be available in February 2012 and a full launch is expected to take place at Cardiff Comic Expo 2012.

Fellow zombie scribe David Moody has provided the cover blurb for Fever and said “Fever wears its reanimated heart proudly on its sleeve. Simmons builds on the nightmare world he created in Flu and manages to make it even more horrific and diseased. A sequel which surpasses the original.”

In addition, Wayne has announced that Doll Parts, a book on hold since 2009 and the long-awaited sequel to Drop Dead Gorgeous, will be released in March 2012.

If that isn’t enough for Wayne’s fans, he is also pleased to announce that Morpheus Tales have published his story from the Flu world, Mary’s Boy Child in their special Christmas issue which is available to download for free now.


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Drop Dead Frickin’ Gorgeous: Special Edition

2 12 2011

Wayne SimmonsThis week zombie aficionado Wayne Simmons has announced that his Belfast-based undead tomes Flu and Drop Dead Gorgeous are to see limited edition hardback release.

Each title will be strictly limited to 500 collector’s edition hardbacks that will be of exemplary paper stock and have a ribbon bookmark amongst other features. In addition to being signed, each book will be re-edited and will contain some extra features.

Drop Dead Gorgeous will feature brand new cover art from Wayne’s favourite tattoo artist, the award winning Chris Jones [Editor’s note: that’s Chris ‘Frickin’ Jones!].

Wayne is expected to release more details of this must have book for British zombie fans over the next few weeks.


Undead invade Leicester

3 11 2011

A few weeks ago a few of the Read Horror writers headed over to Leicester for the filming of Unbound Video Edition 2 with zombie specialists David Moody, Wayne Simmons and Jasper Bark. This part book signing, part filming day attracted a loyal group of fans from around the country to take part in the filming. Our own editor even found himself with a small cameo in this tongue-in-cheek zombie short.

All of the authors were in good spirits with Jasper Bark proving once again that he is as much a flamboyant performer as he is an artist. Without spoiling too much for viewers, David Moody was certainly the brains of the outfit and Wayne proved to be a dab hand with a baseball bat!

Whilst we await the final results of the short film, director Vincent Holland-Keen has released a trailer preview of the shenanigans.

In the meantime, do consider buying books by the starring authors to really get you in the mood. Below are links to reviews of each of the authors.

Hater – David Moody

Drop Dead Gorgeous – Wayne Simmons

Way of the Barefoot Zombie – Jasper Bark

And if you’re after something completely different, you could do far worse than check out Jasper Bark’s audio offering Dead Air.

Finally, Read Horror would like to give a special shout out to Jenny Jackson for her special effects make-up and Adele Wearing, of Unbound, for organising the day. Let’s keep horror alive…or should that be undead?


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Meet The Writer: Adam Millard

28 10 2011

What first attracted you to horror writing?

I began writing at a very early age. Back then I had an Olympia typewriter that would annoy my mother for hours on end, and most of the time I had to limit what I wrote to an hour a day or face her wrath.

Meet The Writer: Adam Millard

Halloween Horror Night – Warwick Arts Centre

24 10 2011

This time next week is the Halloween Horror Night at Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry. Hosted by Read Horror Editor, Michael Wilson it promises to be an exciting evening with three of the best horror authors in the UK today.

First up is Gary McMahon, author of The Concrete Grove trilogy and the man behind the Thomas Usher series (most recently Dead Bad Things, stay tuned for a full review this week). He will be reading a classic horror story to leave fans entertained and terrified.

Following on from Gary, is Gollancz’s David Moody. Not only has he written one of the most successful zombie series in years – Autumn – but he’s also written the terrifying apocalyptic Hater trilogy. The concluding chapter Them or Us will hit stores next month.

Last, but by no means least is Adam Nevill. He is fast establishing himself as the most exciting author in supernatural horror today. Having enjoyed success with Banquet for the Damned, Apartment 16 and the Blair Witch meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre great outdoors horror, The Ritual, he is set to release Last Days next year.

I am reliably assured that they’ll be other members of the horror fiction scene attending the event, so bring your autograph book if you’re a fan and get networking if you’re an author.

Please come along to this event and support both Read Horror and three of the top names in horror fiction today. Tickets are available for £6-8 and the fun kicks off Monday 31 October 2011 at 7:15pm.

Buy tickets for Halloween Horror Night at Warwick Arts Centre

See you there,

Michael Wilson


Review: Acheron by Bryon Morrigan

17 10 2011

‘War is hell’ is a common term used by soldiers, Bryon Morrigan twists this in a unique direction in Acheron. The story is narrated by Captain Nathan Leathers, an American soldier serving in Iraq. He is initially ambushed and captured by Iraqi insurgents before discovering that something much worse than al-Qaeda lurks in the sand of the Iraqi desert. Acheron has an interesting concept at its core. The theme of a war within a war that runs throughout the story is well told and neatly woven together. The military knowledge on display in the book is impressive and Morrigan’s passion for the army shines through in almost every chapter.

Read Acheron by Bryon Morrigan review

Have you read Timothy W. Long’s zombie tome?

7 10 2011

The battle begins when the dead walk in Among the Living by Timothy W. Long. See the synopsis below.

The dead walk. Now the real battle for Seattle has begun. When a gas leak causes the National Guard to forcibly evacuate the neighbourhood, Lester isn’t going anywhere. The former dope pusher has a new clientele… the kind that require him to deal lead instead of drugs.

Mike, a newspaper reporter, suspects a conspiracy lies behind the chaos. He’s driven to find the truth, even if it means dragging his beautiful co-worker into danger.

Kate has a dark secret: she’s a budding young serial killer. As society collapses, her skill in dealing death may be the one thing that can keep her alive.

These survivors, along with others, are drawn together in their quest to find not only the truth behind the spreading apocalypse, but also to escape the madness they face at every turn.